Work in 2012


Snapd was my dissertation for my computing degree. This project achieved a mark of 85% (1st class).

Snapd is a proof of concept CMS in which the components are all modularized and connected using REST web services; this allowed for different parts to be hosted remotely, on any platform and built in any language. The experiment was to see whether using a loosely coupled approach such as this could work for a small scale CMS.

The conclusions were that even though technically feasible, it is not necessarily desirable to have a CMS using this concept for many reasons; these include speed, security, build time & complexity and user friendliness.

That said however using loose coupling as a basis did produce reusable and maintainable code. Trying to push this concept to absurdity did show how extremely loose coupling is only really a suitable model for large software systems where time can be spent up front to develop complex and effective tools that can be used to auto generate consumption clients.


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