I am most comfortable developing on the Microsoft stack, how I wasn't scared off by VB6 is a mystery, and I especially like C#. I find C# easy to use yet expressive and robust. C# really is a joy of a language to use especially in the later versions that support LINQ.

In C# I have created a WebAPI based CMS, a variety of umbraco projects, an automatic unit test generator and many smaller projects. I am comfortable with ORMs (especially Entity Framework) and unit testing (Visual Studio Test Tools). I love LINQ and have even used C# 4.0 dynamic typing when required.

I also have a good understanding of Typescript / JavaScript and have used frameworks such as jQuery and jQueryMobile to create engaging products. I like jQuery so much I even made this game.

I enjoy making data based applications which has meant that I have has experienced with a selection of databases, mostly in the relational paradigm. I have used MSSQL Server, MySql, Oracle and MS SQL CE.

I'm a competent XSLT developer, mainly because my 3 CMSs I am familiar with use it extensively. I also have experience making software in Java and PHP.


It's no secret that I'm a bit of an Umbraco nut; it's not perfect, but it's damn good! I lead a project creating an Umbraco base build at my place of work, I use Umbraco for this site and I even used Umbraco in a Hack with AFC Bournemouth football club. Some of my code is currently on production sites for large clients such as Channel 4, Hanover Housing and Westfield.


I use Sitecore at work for the larger sites I am invloved with. I am used to using the Glass mapper, both in code first and normal configuration, and have created sites using both web forms and MVC. I have been involved in making and maintaining a variety of Sitecore sites including Action on Hearing Loss, Royal Society and Insight Vacations.


My choice of PHP CMS shows my disdain for the laguage; Symphony is a CMS where PHP is not used at all for templating, instead XSLT is the language of choice. Symphony, like Umbraco, is very flexible and lightweight and that is why I like it.