The simple guide to how Simpoll works

When I first heard about our Executive Creative Director Damian's Simpoll concept, I thought it was great – albeit a bit, well, simple. Now we've had a couple of weeks to reflect on the idea, I thought I'd tell you how much more there is to the Simpoll app than first meets the eye.

In each of the other hacks I've completed here at Redweb, I've often been the pessimist the nagging voice at the back trying to remove all feature creep, but here I was trying to introduce features. All my ideas from social integration to poll management interfaces were rejected though; my fellow hackers Damian, Amy and Dave were adamant that this web app would effectively be a screen with three massive buttons on it. I was looking forward to my two days of eating free pizza with the occasional bit of coding thrown in.

Looks can be deceiving.

Read more about Simpoll here


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