Custom Dashboard Tab Not Appearing In Custom Section of Umbraco

I was working on an Umbraco extension I'm building for a project at work (hopefully they'll let me open source it!) when I came up against a weird Umbraco bug/nuance.

I created a "siteExporter" section by creating a class that implements IApplication.

[Application("siteExporter", "Site Exporter", "tray-icon.png", 10)]
public class SiteExporterApplication : IApplication 
    public SiteExporterApplication () {} 

I then wanted to add a tab to this section. This is done by adding the following code to the config/dashboard.config file.

<section alias="ConfigurationManager">
   <tab caption="Configuration Manager">	      

Pretty simple stuff, but it didn't work.

Curiously, If I added this tab to the content section it worked fine.


Then I started the tedious process of checking all the spellings for typos, but even after copy and pasting every fragment in, it still didn't work.

As it worked in the content tab but not in my custom one I concluded that the problem must be with my custom section, not the tab and usercontrol I want to put in.

Finally I noticed a tiny detail.



My section name was two words combined into camel case. Happy to try anything to work out this weird bug I changed siteExporter to siteexporter; it worked!

So I thought I'd put this up on the internet just in case some poor fellow developer is scratching their head over a seemingly mysterious bug.


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